Ben Nevis (CMD ArĂȘte)

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Ben Nevis

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CMD Arete

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Aonach Mor

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 Ben Nevis

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Ben Nevis

White-tailed Ptarmigan

The White-tailed Ptarmigan (also known as the snow quail) is native to Alaska and Canada. It lives above the tree line at altitude. In summer it is speckled in gray, brown and white, whereas in winter it is wholly white. The cryptic coloration of feathers enables it to blend into its environment and avoid predation throughout the year. The white-tail ptarmigan has feathers located on its feet to serve as protection from the extreme cold. In addition, the birds have feathers around their nostrils to warm the air prior to entry. The white-tailed ptarmigan can also stay still for long periods of time in order to save energy.

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White-Tailed Ptarmigan 
Half Marathon
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Half Marathon - 1:28:54

A quick time for a half marathon, but the splits indicate this is not my PB

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Half Marathon (Current Personal Best)

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I have just beaten my personal best for a half marathon - yay :)
 (Current personal best is 1hr 29mins 59secs)

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Long Mynd

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Long Mynd

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Long Mynd

Half Marathon

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I have beat my own personal best (PB) for a half marathon 
(current PB is 1:32:46)

Flete Coastal Marathon

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Flete Marathon - A trail marathon that involves a lot of uphill
and a run/swim across the estuary

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The Flete Estate situated on the South Devon coast is a privately owned country estate stretching over 5000 acres. Lying at the mouth of the Erme Estuary in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Flete fits the bill as ideal for trail runners. The location has been used in a number of film productions, including Sense and Sensibility and Hornblower, and is only a short drive away from the historic towns of Salcombe and Dartmouth

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Finished in 7th place

Post Marathon Photo

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Liverpool Marathon